Learn how to deepen that bond between you and your partner and increase satisfaction

Are you wanting more harmony in your relationship, to feel better about yourself and have more peace of mind? Do you sit across from your partner thinking “what happened to us?” In the beginning everything seemed perfect. Now you feel emotionally and physically disconnected, lonely, and confused. The truth is that you have managed to hide the heartbreak and despair that someone who is experiencing the unraveling of a relationship would understand. This is not what you envisioned and honestly you are not sure if you can go on like this.

You have thought many times “should we just end this?” Is there hope for my relationship? Can we re-connect?

Imagine having a relationship that brings you happiness and satisfaction. Where you feel closer than you ever have before and gone are the days of loneliness and resentment. Your relationship can thrive! No matter how hopeless it seems, couples counseling can help you transform your relationship and increase relational and spiritual intimacy.

My focus is to help each partner heal, energize, and become aware of their inner strengths through relationship and marriage counseling. My goal in couples therapy is to help you and your partner learn tools that will help you achieve lasting happiness. During the therapeutic process, I help each partner look at the relationship in an objective manner. It is important for each partner to understand where they are in the relationship in regards to effective communicating, intimacy, feeling emotionally connected, sexual satisfaction, and overall happiness/satisfaction in the relationship. Couples will learn to stop the “blame-game” and begin to understand the process of each partner and what happens during difficult times. I implement evidence-based therapeutic techniques to couples therapy sessions to help you and your partner reach goals quickly and effectively.

Couples, Marriage and Relationship Counseling

  1. Pre-Marital Relationships
  2. Marital Relationships
  3. Communication and Boundaries
  4. Infidelity
  5. Intimacy Issues
  6. Sex Therapy and Sexual Issues
  7. Addiction
  8. Codependency
  9. Phase of Life Transitions
  10. Divorce Transitions and Aftercare

Relationship and marriage counseling can be beneficial to individuals and couples who are looking to strengthen their emotional connection, in all stages of their relationship.

What is Sex Therapy?

Healthy sexuality is an essential part of our overall emotional and physical well-being. Sometimes the last thing we want to do is talk about sex, especially if there is a problem. There is a common stigma around mental health and talking about sex is almost taboo. Sex therapy is designed to help you and your partner discuss issues that are prohibiting sexual satisfaction and how to resolve those issues. There are many issues that can affect our sexual health (both physical and emotional) including, low libido, erectile dysfunction, past or present abuse, shame and many others. Couples therapy or sex therapy allows you and your partner to discuss these issues in a supportive environment. In a typical session, we discuss and learn each partner’s feelings about sex and satisfaction, including wants and desires. Then, we explore other issues like establishing open communication and looking at other areas that may be causing distress in the relationship. We focus on becoming mindful so that each partner can become aware of their sexual being, inside and outside of the bedroom. If there are physical issues that need to be addressed outside of therapy, a referral will be made to an appropriate medical doctor.

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