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None of us live in a “perfect” world. We all experience hurt and disappointment at some point in our life. Some of us respond to that pain by taking on distorted beliefs about ourselves and and our relationships. And sometimes, we develop unhealthy coping strategies to protect ourselves from present and future pain. However, we can free ourselves from our own constraints to become more fulfilled, healthier, and happier. Regardless of your current struggle, I am here to help you live your best life yet!

Individual Counseling

Are you struggling with personal issues and need a little help finding your way? Are you wanting to feel better about yourself and have more harmony and peace of mind in your life? I can help you get your life back on track. Gone are the days of feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and stuck. Individual therapy can help you make changes to develop healthy behaviors and heal painful experiences.

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Couples Therapy

Are you wanting to re-ignite that spark in your relationship but unsure where to start? Whether you have been together for three months or thirty years, relationships can be hard to navigate. If you are dating, engaged, or married, couples therapy can help you learn to start healing and transform your relationship for increased relational and spiritual intimacy.

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Do you just want a little help making a decision about some of life’s curveballs? I offer consulting services that can help you make changes and reach decisions to help improve your life in as little as one session. I provide a safe place to explore problems and get advice regarding issues that you can easily navigate to move your life forward.

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About Cheri

Cheri Locke is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) with a master’s degree from Houston Baptist University.


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