One of the most important relationships is between a parent and their child.

What is Parent Counseling?

From the moment a pregnancy is announced, new parents often receive countless pieces of advice or suggestions from their peers. Whether it’s from your pediatrician, family, co-workers, or sometimes even strangers, it can be difficult to navigate what’s right for your family. There’s no way to predict what you and your partner will encounter as you enter parenthood – no matter what the books or blogs say. Only time can tell, which can be daunting to many. Conflict and disagreements are an inevitable aspect of parenting, but what you can control is how you communicate, how you express your emotions, and how you manage conflict. Whether it’s your relationship with your spouse or your relationship with your child, parent counseling can help you identify what’s best for you and the development of your family.

At the end of the day, we all want to be a good parent and do the best for our child. Sometimes though, parenthood can be challenging for many reasons. Difficulty handling conflict, stress, living arrangements, developmental issues, and other problems can create an obstacle to a healthy, loving relationship between you, your child, and your spouse. But this doesn’t have to be permanent – feelings of stress, tension, and conflict between you and your partner are only natural during parenthood. Navigating parenthood is complex and challenging, but deepening your connection with your spouse and child can improve conditions and improve your family dynamics.

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Early Prevention for Your Child

As a parent, you may feel guilty when distress arises between you and your child. These feelings can make you overwhelmed, stressed, or feel like you’re not good enough.  Parent counseling can guide you and your family to find confidence as you develop a workable solution to the most challenging of situations.

Through identifying problems early on and seeking therapy, you’re helping the growth of your child and supporting your parent-child relationship. When problems go unnoticed, children may begin to act out – whether at home, at school, in social situations, or all three. Without action, problems only worsen over time. Your child needs to be heard; their need for your attention and support is immeasurable. You are their rock, and they rely on you for security and assurance. Giving your child the love and support they need is the most valuable gift you can give them. Parent counseling can help heal wounds and strengthen your relationship with your child.

The Tools Needed to Help Your Family Thrive

During your therapy session, I will work with you, you and your partner, you and your child, or the whole family to identify tools that will alleviate stress and improve family dynamics. You will learn practical strategies that can be implemented immediately to help alleviate distress in the family environment and help with any future challenges. Through evidence-based techniques, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and Insight Therapy, we will develop ways to help your family thrive. Regardless of your family’s unique situation, I’m here to help identify what works for your family, and how we can work together to improve your family’s dynamic.  

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