Healthy Habits for Couples

Healthy Habits for Couples

By: Margie Frisco, Practicum Student

A couple holding hands and learning to create healthy habits after couples therapy in Katy, TX 77494Do you know how to establish healthy habits for your relationship? Couples can go through rough times.  It is how they handle the situation that will show if they can work through it or it will become a vicious cycle.  It can be easy to overlook some things and then they become routine.  Being aware of how we are together in the relationship can help a couple stay happy and healthy together.  Counseling can be a healthy way to work through problems in your relationship. 

Five Ways To Create Healthy Habits For Couples

No Keeping a Record of Wrongdoing

Forgiveness is really a must in relationships.  This means true forgiveness.  Not let me say sorry, but the next time there is an argument it gets brought up again.  If we keep a running record of who did what and how one hurt another, it just hurts the relationship.  

Don’t Stir the PotA couple out at sunset after having a disagreement before their couples therapy session

This means don’t do something that will intentionally upset the other.  Many people have triggers like saying the word divorce or ignoring the other person.  If you know this will upset your partner, don’t do it on purpose.  It will eventually hurt the other person to no return.  Also, it will only make the person stirring the pot angrier as they are holding onto the anger that made them want to irritate the other.

Give and Receive Compassion

Each person needs to be able to give and receive compassion.  As humans we will make mistakes.  We might say something hurtful to the one we love.  But to keep a healthy relationship going we need to be able to admit when we have hurt the other.  Also, we need to give compassion or show them we care.  On the other hand, if we have been hurt we cannot become defensive and not allow the other to say they are sorry.  We must receive the compassion and choose not to continue down a negative road.  We must choose the positive path.

Three women sitting on a bench sharing concerns about their relationshipsBring Your Concerns to Your Partner

When you do have an argument, do not go to an outsider.  It is good to have friends and family outside of your significant other.  But if we have concerns about our significant other we must take it to them.  For example, if you don’t like the way they snore, how they talk to you, if you want support, or if you want more intimacy, go to your partner and tell them how you feel.  Telling your family or friends only sheds a negative light on your significant other.  This will make your friends and family have a hard time liking or supporting your relationship.

Not a Mind Reader 

Men and women are different.  They can hear the same sentence and understand it completely different.  One of my favorite movies sheds light on this situation.  “I want you to want to do the dishes,” says Jennifer Anniston in The Break Up.   Really, Anniston’s boyfriend didn’t know what she was really trying to say.  He thought the argument was really about the dishes.  Really the argument was about her needing more support.  Be direct with your needs.  Your significant other might not understand what you are trying to say.  But if you come to them and ask for more support, they might be able to support you more in other ways too. 

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